IFEICE (Ai Fei Si): to create common people wearing underwear brand

"This is a stylish, exquisite, healthy conditioning underwear turned out to be sold only 68 yuan, just let me shock, which completely subvert my feeling of conditioning underwear imagination." This is a living abroad Ms. Zhou in IFEICE ( Ai Fei Si) brand-adjusted underwear store issued the feeling.

Ms. Zhou at home, the reporter saw a large number of first-line big adjustment underwear. Miss Zhou told reporters that she is a "underwear control", the lowest price at home but also more than a thousand dollars, IFEICE (love Fei silk) when the price is so low, they hold back bought a set, the result, She wore for more than a month, I feel better and better, very comfortable, very personal, it is amazing, I really did not think much domestic underwear fabric and technology so good, the pace of development so fast.


IFEICE Love Love yarn Group is the adjustment underwear brand , take the public fashion line, effort to build the common people to buy affordable, affordable underwear brand, IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) price is 68- 198 yuan, mainly based on 98. Love yarn group executive director and director of marketing Zou Jifu told reporters that IFEICE (Ai Feisi) brand positioning is designed for the Chinese people to create fashion-adjusted underwear brand. As early as IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) listed, Love yarn Group once the domestic adjustment underwear market conducted a large number of investigations and found that foreign big-name adjustment underwear occupy most of the Chinese market share, expensive, frequently thousands, Some as high as five or six thousand dollars, so that the beauty of beauty lady "clothing" sigh. As a monthly income of two or three thousand Chinese people, a month's salary to buy a set of underwear is a luxury. In addition, the European version of the underwear is designed according to the western female body, not suitable for Eastern women to wear, if the wrong long-term wear underwear will lead to a variety of breast diseases. In this context, Love yarn group will focus on the development of a lock for the Chinese women wear, and affordable for the common people to adjust the cost-effective underwear, so that after months of painstaking research and development, a suitable mass consumption , So that people can afford, dressed in fashion-adjusted underwear - IFEICE (Ai Fei silk) was born.

It is understood that IFEICE (Ai Feisi) into the market, the price and quality of numerous white-collar urban workers surprised, and overjoyed, they no longer do not fit the adjustable underwear and tangled, the cost of the smaller the smaller. In the three years since IFEICE went public, sales have been on the rise, becoming the love of urban women.

IFEICE uses a three-dimensional cup design, the breasts 360-degree package, but also put away underarm and back excess fat, eliminate fursis, enhance breast shape, improve chest line, correct breast sagging, eliminate expansion. At the same time the use of environmentally friendly fabrics with breathable, moisture absorption, antibacterial, massage the breast, promote microcirculation, eliminate breast swelling and other effects, to bring women all-weather protection. It is worth mentioning that, wearing IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) a year later, the breasts have to be corrected, the chest will become concentrated + plump + upright, to enhance the modern woman sexy, charming style, become a man Pampered happy woman.

In recent years, with the rapid economic development in China, people's standard of living has indeed improved. However, it is indeed unrealistic to buy a luxury underwear for one month's salary as an ordinary wage earner. According to statistics, the average level of luxury consumption in the world is about 4% of their wealth to buy, but the real big name is actually ordinary people can not afford to buy. IFEICE (Ai Feisi) was blitz, thanks to Love yarn group timing the results of the situation, thanks to Love yarn Group "to build ordinary people wearing underwear," the precise positioning. Know who is Junjie, I wish IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) in the spread of the United States, the United States on the road more and more brilliant.

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