"Words-EIN" Costumes 2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show show Nordic fresh

It is reported that July 8, 2012 -10, Shenzhen Wei Yan costumes Co., Ltd. will bring its "speech-EIN" apparel debut 2012 Shenzhen brand clothing exhibition, will showcase the Nordic unique fresh style, you are welcome to come to comment Kam

Company Name: Shenzhen Wei Yan Clothing Co., Ltd

Chinese brand: words

English Brand: EIN

Exhibits Category: Apparel

Hall number: Hall 9

Booth number: 9C07,9C08,9C09


A brand overview:

1), brand history

EIN - China original design brand, brand was founded in 2002, interpretation of the Nordic impression

O Strain phase (2002-2005)

According to market demand and competitor analysis, adjust their product strategy at any time, to create a unique differentiated selling point in order to win the market.

Ø Personalization phase (2006-2009)

Through the integration of all the resources of the enterprise, we will focus on creating long-lasting product attributes and values ​​and build a personalized product strategy with the brand as the core.

Ø Design Stage (2010-2013)

More performance design ideas and ideas in product development has always been the most leading, the brand has always maintained an innovative, stylish and leading style.

【Design Spirit】

Through the combination of lifestyles and values, art, hobbies and other elements of lifestyles and wearing ideas to express the women's soft and quiet, freedom and rebellion, tenacity and fearless, resulting from a comfortable, simple, simple life and Longing for things Simple design to create a pure style, to convey meticulous humanistic care, emphasizing the inner needs of the way of life and dress idea is the starting point of the design.

2), brand positioning

Chinese original design brand


IDEAL concept

Returning to rustic luxury RETURNING TO THE PLAIN LUXURY

Unique, purely Nordic qualities

Abandon the complex is not flashy,

To simple, natural, comfortable, practical design for the essence

Return to nature, only by proportion, color, size and texture to convey the beauty

Through life, value, art, preferences and other elements

To interpret contemporary women's soft and insecure, freedom and rebellion, tenacity and fearlessness

Express a longing for comfort, simplicity and purity of life and things

VALUES values

Advocate quality, not material

With a simple design

Create a pure style

Deliver meticulous humanistic care

The real pursuit is quality rather than material

Emphasize the inner needs of the lifestyle and dress concept is the starting point of design

STYLE style

Interpretation of the Nordic fresh breath

Clean: Products fresh colors, simple and exquisite display, no impurities in the nature of life revealed under the clear atmosphere.

Nature: from the fundamental life, from the understanding of the living environment, emphasizing environmental protection, recycling. Through the beauty of life experience and touched the moment to create a bearing the dream and sensitivity.

Comfortable: not to dress as cumbersome, clothing is to express more in line with the inner needs of the self.

Rebel: distinctive personality, independent personal opinion, emphasizing self-awareness under the same aesthetic conditions.

SLOGAN slogan

Elegance • In • Nature

Free from the heart

3), the target consumer group

25-year-old -40 years old, emphasis on personal consumption, concerned about the quality of daily necessities and personal values, concerned about the brand culture, self-cultivation, assertiveness, not blindfolded fashion, gestures show wisdom and calm. Has a delicate and sensitive eyes, poetic, clean, nostalgic, self, love nature and environmental protection, colorful life but rich and quiet, simple and magnificent.

Cooperation needs:

Acting / joining conditions and policies: EIN's identity and brand identity recognition, in line with the conditions of the target cities and shopping malls, excellent or very potential customers,

Target cities and malls: Class A malls in cities and key secondary markets in all provinces of the country.

Hall number, booth number: Hall 9, 9C07-9C09

Exhibits product categories: clothing

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