The golden figure show underwear to lead thousands of women to experience the United States

Golden figure show is the first one with China's top ten marketing planning agencies - Ye Mao in the marketing planning agencies powerful combination of underwear chain; golden figure show is the first to hire a star fashion leader big S endorsement underwear chain; gold figure show is the first underwear chain company to launch the Colorful VI system. The golden status show is the first chain company to propose to build China's fashion underwear ... A series of efforts have created today's glory.


Shantou Shi Jia Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is located in the thriving "Chinese knitted underwear town" - Chaoyang Valley Rao, its predecessor is "Chaoyang Shi Jia Industrial Co., Ltd.", in order to adapt to the development of modern enterprises and the market The need for competition was approved by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce of Shantou in 2003 with the change of registration as "Shantou Shijia Industrial Co., Ltd.".

The company is a professional design, production, sales, high-grade underwear business, with modern industrial plants, office buildings more than 90,000 square meters, the company introduced 35 Japan advanced production lines, a total of more than 800 advanced machinery and equipment, more than 1,000 employees, Among them, there are nearly 120 senior and middle-ranking technical, management and marketing professionals. Based on the enterprise spirit of "Self-improvement, Hardworking, Mutual Assistance and Value" and adhering to the brand concept of "Elegance to the Public", we adhere to the dissemination of underwear culture as our own responsibility. Ten years of ups and downs, the development so far, has become more well-known underwear industry enterprises, so that millions of beautiful Chinese women experience the true meaning of beauty.

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