Lattice lattice with a stylish new attitude show

Are you still hesitant to cool the weather to wear what can both warm and fashionable outstanding? And watching betu and fashion media for your highly recommended. In this carnival weekend, harvested different plaid beauty. Lattice is not a new word, but every year there are new fashion gesture

What is Dura fiber?

Now there is a new term in the construction engineering world: Dura fiber, do you know its origin? Dura fiber is made of polypropylene material through special production process. It is an additive material for concrete/mortar, which can effectively improve its crack resistance, impermeability, fr

Peter Pilotto 2014 Women's early spring

Designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos add pop art prints this season, using a variety of different materials to create the unique Peter Pilotto 2014 Spring Vacation collection. The inspiration is from Japan, the classical art of arranging squid, and clothing contour perfect fusion. Orient