Refuse the colorful black and white ash right now

Are you still adding a variety of colors to yourself? Then you really do not understand fashion, do not know how to dress yourself. Now, but black and white ash! Black and white ash is the eternal classic, is the representative of fashion, elegant and dignified signs. And colorful will expose your

Farman let children underwear "sell" your taste of life

Not good enough for myself? So show your underwear it! Of course, do not have to face the general audience, only need to face themselves, and the closest companion. Do not you know, life style often sell you in the most details? If you even the most personal underwear, did not choose the best for

What is the most fear of wearing a diamond ring?

Diamonds are afraid of high temperatures Although the diamond is formed under high temperature and high pressure, its main component is carbon. When heated to 800 degrees in the air, it will burn and become carbon dioxide gas. So don't let your diamonds get close to

Green skirt with what shirt green dress with what color

11 countdown there are a few hours time, and if you are still at work, is not the heart has been flying out? Thinking about where to play, then have you ever thought of going out to wear what to wear? Although the weather is a bit rainy, but the temperature is still high, so Xiaobian feel cool sty