Two sets of Jimmy Sail new interpretation of autumn and winter fashion outfit

No matter how the weather changes, still can not escape the fate of work. In that case, we need to readily accept that we should not be affected by the weather or the surrounding environment, and we should present beautiful and beautiful people perfectly. Xiaobian bring two sets of Jimmy Sail new clothes, the interpretation of autumn and winter in the most wear, if we do not accept to see.

Working girls can not be as full of childish as students, have the workplace qualities and personality charm. Of course, the simplest is a black-and-white professional dress, but we must abandon the traditional old-fashioned monotonous, choose some more beautiful and temperament of youth clothing.


A bright green round neck long section woolen jacket, naturally filled with an elegant and dignified intellectual. Since the jacket is a bright color, then the built-point words or darker point would be better, here with a black shirt coupled with high-waisted pencil skirt, bloom workplace women's skill.

两套吉米赛欧新装 诠释秋冬时尚穿搭

Relative to the previous paragraph, this slightly more casual, which is also more convenient after get off work without leaving home to change clothes. Burgundy hooded jacket small lazy wind, but the waist design with the umbrella hem, after all, still around the elegant. Take a white shirt inside, intellectual and soft.

Photo credit: Jimmy Sail Women

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