Farman let children underwear "sell" your taste of life

Not good enough for myself? So show your underwear it! Of course, do not have to face the general audience, only need to face themselves, and the closest companion. Do not you know, life style often sell you in the most details? If you even the most personal underwear, did not choose the best for yourself, then how can you convince yourself that you are a person who pay attention to the quality of exquisite life?

法曼儿 让内衣“出卖”你的生活品味

So, the conclusion is clear, good for yourself, it is necessary to show! Let underwear "sell" your taste of life!

法曼儿 让内衣“出卖”你的生活品味

Underwear, such as snacks

Pay attention to the quality of life, often at a number of dedication. Just as for those who do not have enough for three meals, they certainly will not pursue the refinement of afternoon snacks beyond meals. I am afraid they have no time to take into consideration the different feelings that different levels of enjoyment of sweet and savory snacks on the three-tier dim sum will bring. However, it is also an important matter for those who have a little restlessness and a high standard of living to solve the problem of food and clothing , It is worth spending half an afternoon to enjoy, feel the good life.

Underwear is also true. If you just want to hide from the cold, you will not understand why a top underwear can sell fainting $ 10 million. Even aside the diamond-studded luxury underwear does not say, a well-known designer underwear, but also minutes need thousands of dollars.

And for you, just need to use underwear to express your taste of life, of course, do not need thousands of dollars per underwear at every turn, but for each of your choice of underwear, have your own reasons! Pursuit of comfortable humanity, sexy temptation, youthful playful or chic fun, underwear is your personal taste of the spokesman.

法曼儿 让内衣“出卖”你的生活品味

Which one do you choose for living?

Just as there are many sweet and salty snacks, underwear can be adapted to your needs in different styles. Put on different underwear, mood will immediately "transition", become different.

From French Famen underwear, Oriental aesthetics and European fashion combination of elegant and stylish underwear brand , in line with the oriental women's body shape to meet the women's underwear comfortable and durable, stylish and healthy needs. Even if you have different tastes of life, you can express the romantic love of Frenchman underwear. So, today, according to what mood you will choose a kind of living seasoning?

法曼儿 让内衣“出卖”你的生活品味

Will be texture - seamless underwear

Southern women prefer seamless underwear, while northern women prefer lace, and perhaps this introverted and southern women introverted texture of the character.

Urban women, the most appropriate dress is tepid, small diamond stud earrings, exquisite delicate makeup, so, traceless underwear is usually responsible for revealing their "all pay attention to texture" attitude.

Lace without a ring a piece of zero binding Bra Product ID: 185123

No ring zero binding

Really no rims, intimate skin, from the true sense of enjoying no trace, one-time solution to flat, drooping, fuck! Make you relaxed and comfortable every day!

Side than the bit, after the bit and the "U" type shoulder strap with a widened design, a good side-to enhance the effect of mentioning the side, so that the strap is not easy to fall, and can well relieve muscle pressure, upper body superb .

Beautifully designed flower embroidery, 尽显 female noble gorgeous temperament!

法曼儿 让内衣“出卖”你的生活品味

Seductive sexy - black lace

Wear more than the temptation to wear without temptation by the other half of your identification. A major function of underwear, must not be ignored.

Black lace is the same sexy temptation. Ladies want to play sexy, choose one piece black lace, does not necessarily reveal more, but in looming, showing more temptation.

Lace Bowknot 3D Upright Cotton Adjustable Bra Product ID: 185083

This product chic, delicate lace, to resist the extraordinary underwear adds to the dynamic and vitality. Line texture and practical design, elegant style, to maximize the temptation to undermine the beauty of underwear. It uses flanking heightening, side care cup type, with excellent income Vice milk effect; supplemented by lace and bow with the assistance of the product more noble and generous.

1. Cup-type side of the push effect is obvious, the upper body after you create a charming chest effect.

2. Increased side axillary side to strengthen the contralateral axillary fascination effect, a better shaping charming cleavage.

3. Low chicken heart design, cup-type side thrust effect is obvious.

3D upright cotton: soft, lighter, high breathable, moisture wicking, more comfortable to wear. Non-toxic, non-yellowing, easier to clean, easier to dry, machine washable and healthier.

PVC Lace TableCloths


1. This product is featured by non-toxic and non-deformation and it can make sure environmental-friendly and healthy for your home. We have a variety of colors, patterns and sizes can be available.

2. This tablecloth is perfect for everyday use, no matter about party, holidays, catering, cafes and weddings, especially matching table runners, place mats. When having one tea or coffee meeting, these cotton embroidery tablecloths will make you more relaxed and enjoyable.

Product Type PVC table cloth
Material PVC
Roll 137cm * 15 m or customized
Thickness 0.08-0.22mm/ customized size
Usage Home/Hotel/Wedding/Party
Colors As shown or customized
Feature High quality


1.Design team:we have a professional design team. Over 5000 designs for selection.

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