Natural things, all in one - Exceptional 2015 Winter Collection coming soon

Is static is black is white

It is attitude and attitude

No shortage of not a lot of nonetheless

Balanced and appropriate

Exceptions Winter 2015 is a theme of harmony

The trajectory of life into the clothing of the natural elements of winter fabrics

There is no obvious boundary between the East and the West

Implies a state of co-existence


Continuing the major theme of the "Fall and Winter Walk" in Autumn and Winter 2015, the Winter Collection "Yuanrong" runs through expressions of belief in the tradition of oriental aesthetics and draws the theme of expressing the mutual existence of man and nature. This philosophy of oriental philosophy From the present to the present, enjoy a natural love in the city and live in harmony with nature.

自然萬物,圓融一體 ——例外2015冬季系列新品即將上市

Series pay more attention to people in the city of the state of harmony, in the tailoring, fabrics, colors, match more suitable for contemporary urban life. Profiles to concise H and A-based, clear structural design to show the professional needs of the rate and decisive, competent and powerful lines very modern.

自然萬物,圓融一體 ——例外2015冬季系列新品即將上市

Series with a vibrant natural color and the color of the current environment, to rebuild the relationship between color and the city. Such as the fog of the stagnant ash, late winter Zhi Lan Green, the city's gray and gray night sky Kam-like blue, etc., are given a natural but steady impression. Then a small amount of yellowish branches of Polygonatum, greet the spring bean paste green and other colors clever embellishment, making clothing easy to mix, but also makes the cold winter adds a touch of affinity and warm atmosphere.

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