Warmly congratulate Loyer.Mod Rong Yue 2016 spring new orders will be concluded successfully

November weather, although not very cold, but people will be followed by the weather a lot of slow, but it is pleasing to women , everything has just begun. Here, warmly congratulate Loyer.Mod Pleasant Beauty 2016 spring new order will be completed!

容悦 - Loyer.Mod

This season Yung Yue women around a "beauty" word, and strive to give all women presents a new "beauty" feast. Pleasant and generous women's pleasing Yue, the perfect interpretation of the unique elegant elegance of women who deeply won the presence of franchisees who praise, the scene there are many beautiful women could not help themselves upper body fitting.

In order to help franchisees more convenient and accurate booked an inventory of goods, the order will also be specially introduced a single order, band orders, with orders, price range orders and accurate data analysis, so that franchisees on-site open Horizons.


Loyer.Mod brand apparel design elegance and generous, casual fashion and professional classics combined with the feminine design elements, simple, soft, attention to detail embellishment, grasp the fashion trends, fashionable and unique, smooth lines, color and fabric tight International trends, cutting decent, very focused on the product details of the design, with elegant and generous product appeal point, in the style, fabric, color and details of the treatment are in the forefront of the popular style introverted fashion, design tension, interpretation of a The new era of elegant and refined life, formed its own unique aesthetic taste and aesthetic language. Loyer.Mod brand clothing through the perfect combination of color and texture for the 25-35-year-old woman brought a modern urban plot and a rich cultural atmosphere. Loyer.Mod brand clothing is the purpose of Loyer.Mod tolerance Yue Yue become a part of a better life, so that the world of female friends Loyer.Mod tolerance Yue Yue become beautiful and wonderful!


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