Refuse the colorful black and white ash right now

Are you still adding a variety of colors to yourself? Then you really do not understand fashion, do not know how to dress yourself. Now, but black and white ash! Black and white ash is the eternal classic, is the representative of fashion, elegant and dignified signs. And colorful will expose your age, expose your clothing, more exposed your state. Now you should refuse colorful, add yourself kenny black and white ash!


A person with a prosperous field, do not need to dress too deliberately. Return to the original intention, return to the real, choose this white woolen coat. From the collar to the hem, from the shoulder to the sleeves, neat tailoring, the perfect lines, all is the most simple clothes, but it will be capable and interpretation of gas field incisively and vividly. Black knit shirt coupled with black wide-leg pants and coats inside the echoes, this is the dressing of "care machine."

拒绝五颜六色 现在黑白灰当道

Gray area in the middle of the black and white world, dim, steady, low-key. It is precisely because of its low profile to more show a woman calm and capable. Through three different levels of gray intertwined intertwined, it seems more layered, exudes a unique elegance.

Photo credit: Kenny Women

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