Natural color women's simple interpretation of luxury

Hong Kong Wei Hao (International) Fashion Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is a collection of clothing trade, wholesale, retail and manufacturing diversified into one of the enterprise groups, the annual output of 400,000 garments, all production equipment imported to Germany, Japan , The United

Spring 2011 bright colors add vitality

Leading Word: From the Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2011, bright colors of this season can't escape the eyes of the crowd, and the stripes are no longer just monotonous black and white, but a little bit more vivid and full of vitality. Spring and summer 2011 bright colors Color hit game There

Join Mummy's Star to win market opportunities

I. INTRODUCTION Dongguan Jucheng Fashion Co., Ltd. is a professional clothing company integrating design, production, sales and service. Its children's wear brand "Mammy's Star" is the main brand of the United States Tianlong Group, specializing in serving 100-160cm middle-aged ch

To be the top child, wear Amoy children's wear

TOPBI (Amoy Di children's clothing) is an internationally renowned children's wear brand, with an annual output of Tao Di children's clothing 8 million sets, overseas markets with annual sales of over 70 million US dollars, sales outlets throughout the world continents. TOPBI implies &q

ICAC CEO: High cotton prices may not be long term

Recently, Terry Townsend, executive president of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), wrote in the International Cotton Magazine that the current high cotton prices may not be long-term, and the cotton industry will still be subject to competitive pressures and economic pres

Japan's low-end textile demand will start soon

A series of disasters caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake caused severe damage to the related industries such as automobile manufacturing and semiconductor chips in Japan, and some production plants were closed. Recently, when the reporter interviewed some domestic textile enterprise

Spring glamour flat shoes look ahead

Shallow mouth pointed low-heeled metal flat double buckle buckle shoes, simple and elegant design shallow mouth, retro buckle contains mysterious atmosphere. Colorful multi-colored flat-bottomed flat-top European and American round and full leather comfort wild shoes, style is very wild, very com