Yuncheng area cottonseed quoted at 1.85-1.87 yuan/kg

Shanxi Yuncheng area: cottonseed quoted at 1.85-1.87 yuan / kg, some high prices at 1.90-1.92 yuan / kg, to maintain stability, the oil plant cautious acquisition. Cotton oil quoted at 9,500 yuan / ton, down 50 yuan / ton, the transaction is still relatively normal; 42% protein cotton pup

Cotton prices fall next spring lock up 5% to 10%

Since the beginning of winter, due to the soaring price of cotton in the upper reaches, the four major textile materials have set off a new wave of bargain prices. Then, the clothing market "up" sound. "Once the cost of raw material price increases is difficult to translate,

PRADA new bag: resembles pig nose

The latest season Prada shoulder bag debut, enrich the stage of the fashion, people's vision, see how Prada will continue to push their own quality to another height! Prada's dazzling performance was mainly due to the integration of Prada's design with modern lifestyles. Not o