The origin and legend of the wedding diamond ring

A ring is a decorative piece of jewelry worn on a finger. The ring can be worn by women and men, and the material can be metal, gemstone, plastic, wood or bone. Throughout history, the ring has been considered a token of love. The ring on the ring finger of the left hand i

Jewelry etiquette begins

At present, China's socialist market economy has made great achievements, and the people's living standards have been continuously improved. Jewelry has become a "regular product" that most people often use in social situations. In this case, if you don&#

What diamond ring should I give to my lover?

A beautiful diamond ring confirms sweet love. Since the diamond ring is the preferred token for the bridegroom to give the bride, what kind of diamond ring is appropriate? Generally speaking, the diamond-inlaid ring with a score of 50 or less is more suitable. It can expr

Mr. Gong mixed colors casual shoes limited sales

This December 4, this site , in the past, many men face a dilemma in the choice of shoes, usually between black and brown shoes to choose between. Nowadays, the trend is ever-changing, and the introduction of shoes is full of personality and unconventional footwear. Men's shoes this season, a