Warm congratulations to the women's clothing Joinet stationed in Tianjin

Warm congratulations to Joe silk women joining the shop a strong presence Pang Hexi, Hexi District, Tianjin on our brand very intent only on the choice of a visit to the company headquarters via telephone, and signed the contract the same day, so Joe silk women's franchise on Stationed in Hexi District, Tianjin, store address in Hexi District, Tianjin Friendship Road, the store area of ​​80 square feet. In this Xiaobian Hexi Hedian business is booming, Caijin Guangjin.


Chopo women's classic infiltration of the latest fashion sense, fashion style highlights the elegant femininity. She uses simple lines and self-cultivation cut women's sexy beauty and fashion show most vividly. At the same time, Qiao Su woman design skills, silhouette quite satisfactory, coupled with the same color of the bag, full of workplace OL style, go to work and other formal occasions to choose it, or choose to join, will not be wrong!

JAOBOO (Joe silk) is the British VEVR.VBNNFU international fashion group under one of the core brands, has 40 years of long history. JAOBOO in the United Kingdom took the lead in the store to launch "custom marketing" mode, its own development of CAD design system and color matching system, you can simulate the real consumer wearing 3D effects. High-end shopping centers in the United Kingdom, department stores, JAOBOO custom store marketing model all to consumers all brought a new experience and unlimited consumer enjoyment.

In 2004 , the British VEVR.VBNNFU International Fashion Group exclusively authorized Shanghai Qiaobi Garments Co., Ltd. sole agent JAOBOO series fashion in China all the development, management and brand development. After many years of hard work and struggle, this historic brand continues to evolve and evolve. The JAOBOO brand has subtly combined traditional concepts with advanced technology and modern technology. By cooperating with VEVR.VBNNFU in the UK, JAOBOO The brand has evolved into a favorite brand for much more mature women.

JAOBOO is committed to giving every customer an extraordinary moment. All the materials in the garments are very special. Most of the fabrics are made of the fabrics of the European and Japanese manufacturers. They are beautiful in style of romance, elegance and understated luxury. JAOBOO is keen on the traditional concept of development and innovation, it is this philosophy, continue to conquer the fashion in the forefront of modern urban career women.

JAOBOO focus on harmonious perfect, full of the atmosphere of the times, the traditional and modern, gentle and strong and cleverly combined to create a female elegant, charming and independent Feng Yi, the mature woman's refined, elegant embodied most vividly.

JAOBOO is the fist brand that Qiaobo International Garments Co., Ltd endeavors to build. It is a series of top-grade women's dresses developed by top Chinese and foreign design teams especially for the mainstream female occupations in China. The brand appeals to urban professionals who are 28-45 years old.

Brand Name: Qiao Bo (JAOBOO)

Brand positioning: Suitable for 28-45 years old, full of charm, independent and self-confidence Have a unique understanding of the fashion and the main idea, never drifting professional women.

Business Positioning: National franchise chain franchise and franchise

Retail price: 200-800 yuan in spring and summer; autumn and winter loaded 300-2000 yuan

Product Positioning: It has absorbed the rich feelings and cultural connotations, and designed the concepts of simplicity, nature, art and harmony. It not only displays rich flavor of the times, but also manifests wisdom and self-expression, thus filling the dignity and self-confidence of contemporary women.

Product style: simple, natural, artistic, harmonious

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