Jewelry etiquette begins

At present, China's socialist market economy has made great achievements, and the people's living standards have been continuously improved. Jewelry has become a "regular product" that most people often use in social situations. In this case, if you don't know anything about jewelry etiquette, it will inevitably become self-defeating, attracting jokes, and not making the jewelry really play its original role. Learning jewelry etiquette, the main need to master is the use of rules.

Use rules to use jewelry in more formal situations, it is important to follow the rules of use. The advantage of this is that it can not only make the jewellery perform its landscaping, decorative function, but also conform to the routine, and it will not be able to make a foreign appearance in the selection, matching and use. Social etiquette rules: When using jewelry, you should generally adhere to the following eight rules without exception.

(1) Quantity rules The rules for quantity when wearing jewelry are less. If necessary, you can wear a piece of jewelry without wearing it. If you intend to wear a variety of jewelry at the same time, the upper limit is generally three, that is, it should not exceed three in total. Except for earrings and bracelets, it is best not to use more than one piece of the same type of jewelry. Only the bride can be an exception.

(2) Color rules The rule of color when wearing jewelry is to strive for the same color. If you wear two or more pieces of jewelry at the same time, make them the same color. When wearing inlaid jewelry, the main color should be consistent. Don't make the jewels you wear colorful and dress the wearer like a "Christmas tree."

(3) Texture rules The rule on the texture when wearing jewelry is to strive for homogeneity. If you wear two or more pieces of jewelry at the same time, make them the same texture. When wearing inlaid jewellery, the material should be inlaid with the same material, and the bracket should be consistent. The strength of this work is that it can make it overall consistent. It should also be noted that high-end Accessories, especially jewellery, are suitable for grand social occasions, but not suitable for work and leisure.

(4) Identity rules When wearing jewelry, the rule of identity is to make it identifiable. When choosing jewelry, you should not only take care of your personal hobbies, but also make them subject to your own identity. You should be consistent with your gender, age, occupation, and work environment, and should not make them far apart.

(5) Body shape rules When wearing jewelry, the rule on the body type is to make the jewelry grow and avoid its own body shape. When choosing jewelry, you should fully face up to your own physical characteristics, and strive to make the jewelry wear for your own strengths and avoid weaknesses. Avoiding short-term is the key point, and the growth of the long-term needs to be determined in due course.

(6) Seasonal rules When wearing jewelry, the rule of the season is that the jewelry worn should match the season. In general, the jewellery worn should be different for different seasons. Gold and dark jewellery are suitable for cold seasons, while silver and glamorous jewellery are suitable for warm seasons.

(7) When wearing jewelry with the rules, the rule is to try to make the clothing coordination. Wearing jewelry should be considered as a link in the overall clothing. It is necessary to take into account the texture, color and style of the clothes that are worn at the same time, and strive to make them match each other in matching and style.

(8) Customary rules When wearing jewelry, the customary rule is to obey the custom. Different regions and different ethnic groups have different habits of wearing jewelry. One must understand this and the second is to respect. Wearing jewelry is not a custom, and it will not work.

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