Treatment and preservation of pearls just after harvest

Freshly harvested pearls have seawater, body fluids and dirt on the surface. If they are left for too long, the colloidal calcium carbonate and organic matter on the surface of the pearl will condense. The pearls will become dark and oxidized and deteriorate, which will affect the quality. Therefore, it should be processed in time after harvesting.

(1) General washing The harvested pearls are soaked in light water in time, then washed with soap water and fresh water, and then dried and stored. In order to thoroughly wash away the remaining mucus and dirt of the bead attachments, the harvested pearls can be soaked in salt water for 5'10 minutes after washing with water, then rubbed with fine salt to mix pearls (the ratio is 2:1). Lightly soap and water are rinsed several times, and finally lighted with a towel or flannel, dried and stored.

(2) Pharmacy washing

1 Poor pearls can be washed with 0.15% '0.2% of dodecyl sulfate, then washed with water, dried and stored.

2 The surface of the dull or stained pearl can be washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide, then washed with water and dried.

The medicinal pearls should not be treated with a chemical agent after harvesting, and only washed with water and salt water.

All processed and dried pearls should be placed in a clean and clean cloth bag, sealed and placed in a cabinet for storage. Do not place in a place with moisture.

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