What diamond ring should I give to my lover?

A beautiful diamond ring confirms sweet love. Since the diamond ring is the preferred token for the bridegroom to give the bride, what kind of diamond ring is appropriate?

Generally speaking, the diamond-inlaid ring with a score of 50 or less is more suitable. It can express love and be accepted by the general income class. A single diamond ring of 30 or 40 points is the usual choice for white-collar workers.

Some of the diamond-studded rings are also loved by a person for their ingenious design. If economic conditions permit, it is better to choose more than 50 points of diamonds, because the diamonds with more than 50 points already have considerable value preservation and value-adding ability, and have certain investment value. Remind you that while paying attention to the weight of the diamond, you must pay attention to the color, clarity and cut of the diamond, that is, consider the "4c" standard. A diamond with a large weight, a good cut (with a ray of light), a pure and low-quality, and an excellent white color is a good diamond. If you purchase diamond jewelry with a score of 40 or more, you must not forget to ask the merchant to show the identification certificate of the national inspection department. In addition, it is recommended to purchase the earrings and pendants that can be matched with them when purchasing the diamond ring, so as to avoid the regret of the bride's jewelry mismatch.

Similarly, it is very appropriate for the bride to give the groom a diamond ring as a token. Generally, the platinum ring-shaped diamond ring with a diamond-cut diamond is suitable, simple and generous, both gorgeous and unobtrusive, and appropriately shows the owner's good taste. In addition, choose a piece of finely crafted diamond-studded watch, which is also very good for the gentleman, both noble and practical.

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