Tom Lily brand clothing love and affection romantic harbor

Home is a warm harbor, with love only home; and clothing is no longer just a simple life needs, it is already a pursuit of fashion trends, taste of life embodiment. Tom Lily will be harmonious spirit into the clothing culture, fashion, youth, movement, charm! Tom Lily is a collection of men's, women's and children's wear clothing brand, reflecting love, family romantic romance! Bold avant-garde bright orange with nude color wool texture patch embroidery, the pattern design and fully exquisite modern art and science perfect surpassing, carefully with the patch fabric with super-high embroidery craft to make the pattern more charm and texture , Improved self-cultivation tailoring so that everyone is wearing more spirit, female models, but also use the bat sleeves to increase open collar design in the modification of the woman's body while more able to show the elegant feminine side of the female. Tom Lily, the international lovers, parent-child brand, a deep feeling of international fashion lovers loaded with the market trend of lovers. Tom Lily lovers, fully demonstrated the personality charisma between lovers, with its own personality, "warmth, romance and harmony" as the core of the brand; and Tom Lily parent-child loading more embodies the family harmony, warm and harmonious concept. Tom Lily lovers brand fitted together the same feeling of things, so that their personality reflected. There are stylish, casual, but also self-proclaimed series.

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