JOYPRO Qiao goods fashion women interpretation of urban style

JOYPRO Qiao products promote a clear urban women's fashion, urban women as ... "Free, independent, neutral" to produce suitable for 25-45-year-old fashion casual wear. By tailor casual style of dress, to create a relaxed, comfortable, natural, casual atmosphere of work, life, interaction, advocate a casual attitude to urban life, to create casual clothing features has been committed to listening to women's Aspiration, a deep understanding of women, this understanding will be placed in the overall fashion of women in the background. Brand designers will be the originality of artistic inspiration and classic perfect fusion, and with stylish touch, delicate design to help them achieve their dreams, leading the pursuit of fashion urban women to explore themselves and create an independent, emotional different kind of style.


JOYPRO Qiao goods with a brand new, natural beauty of the line, interpretation of the latest low-key luxury, unobtrusive luxury impromptu traces, will deliberately exaggerated style cool down into a low-key edge. Emphasize the combination of color and single with the simple and smooth line handling, exquisite hand-sewing fine, is the essence of JOYPRO Joe goods.


JOYPRO Qiao goods will be the United States and Europe living patterns and Asian women's wear the perfect combination of the best to meet the urban women's ultimate pursuit of the United States and the requirements.

JOYPRO Qiao goods are rapidly radiating the urban fashion women, in the most devout way, the most surging gesture, exudes a natural fragrance, breathe freely in the bustling metropolis.

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