JESSIE Jessie women demonstrate intellectual woman's confidence and elegance

JESSIE clothing continues the professional and casual modern style, more prominent succinct, fluent, practical, so that our customers in the display of personal unique perfect, but also take care of different work and life needs, so JESSIE brand more emphasis on the product In the product line with a wide range of free space with the most fashionable way of life.


JESSIE advocates elegance, fashion, classic, gorgeous, retro design style, with its profound connotation, smooth lines, noble taste, value of quality conquered a large number of elegant, confident and fashionable urban white-collar women. Their independent, independent, JESSIE brand has a profound understanding and special favor; JESSIE brand to provide them with tasteful and beautiful line design, outstanding concise, smooth, practical features, choice of materials, design, exquisite workmanship, cutting Fine, highlighting the intellectual woman's self-confidence and elegance.

JESSIE杰西女装  彰显知性女人的自信和优雅

"Warmth Jessie , warm heart of women," the truth sale week leaflets

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"Warmth of Jessie, a warm woman's heart," Thanksgiving feedback once an annual special sale week is about to begin! To thank the majority of VIP has been the support and love, the audience during the event 1-5% off, with this leaflets (printable) more enjoy discount discount activities time: November 30 to December 9, Business Hours: 9: 30-19: 30 Address: Jessie Hall, 6th Floor, Block AB, Tianxiang Building, Tian'an Cyber ​​City, Futian District.

A fabric woven from a plain weave is called a plain fabric, and the warp and weft are interlaced once every other yarn (the yarn is 1 upper and lower). The characteristics of the cloth are that there are many interlacing points, the texture is firm, the blade is smooth, the surface is flat, the light and thin wear resistance is good, and the air permeability is good. High-grade embroidery fabrics are generally plain fabrics.Our company mainly produces polyester plain dyed fabrics. Like Plain Dyed Fabric,Solid Color Fabric,Microfiber Plain Dyed Fabric,Polyester Dyed Plain Fabric.

Plain Dyed Fabric

Plain Dyed Fabric,Solid Color Fabric,Microfiber Plain Dyed Fabric,Polyester Dyed Plain Fabric

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