GXG2014 autumn conference experience England Earl manor

December 16, 2013 evening Zhejiang-Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center Men's fashion brand GXG ushered in the sixth anniversary celebration, the Zhezhe fashion brand men's GXG, urban Shangxun gxg.jeans and children's clothing gxg.kids hand in hand Hermes space creative designer Earl of Europe's old manor moved to the conference site to bring distinguished guests feast for the visual feast, we experience the Renaissance glory but also feel the charm of GXG fashion. GXG T station into a European classical garden, so that the pace of the models have become more relaxed and natural, like a guest into the 17th century European Renaissance garden party, leisurely appreciation should belong to our fashion life . The stage is decorated with ancient Greek statues of European castles, filling the exquisite and gorgeous European aristocracy. This is a classic aristocratic fashion space, the overall design style and the theme of "G Baron's invitation" echoed, GXG brand ambassador "Dennis Wu", 2013GXG Chinese music tour is energy "Biao" Han "Richie" presence, with This magnificent layout undoubtedly looks forward to what will be followed by a fantastic dream journey. Richie Dennis Wu GXG2014Fall Modern Devon Knight tonality: concise, pay attention to the personal profile of the shape, remodeling the European retro fashion The GXG men's brand in addition to the classic black and white gray combination of colorful series popular, as the thinker Goethe's famous quote: Expanding the past to create a better future. "The combination of vintage colors with modern tailoring creates the brand new urban modern knight. "Outstanding design, superb quality, committed to the future style is the source of the charm of the GXG brand! The most valuable is the GXG brand committed to the gentleman style and fashion mix and match MIX & MATH full of creativity!" "Bazaar men" Editor-in-chief Hao Ning commented.

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