Jamie Bear Children's Wear for the New Year everyone wishing you a happy new year all wishes come true

As the new year's sun begins to shine, we begin a new journey. In the past year, we all experienced ups and downs precisely because of your support and trust, we can get the fruits of today, in 2014, we sincerely look forward to your further cooperation and work together to create another harvest 2014! Quanzhou Shike Shoes Co., Ltd. General Manager Su Congbao wish you all good health, all wishes come true, all the best! Jamie Xiong amazing magic children's clothing through creative magic games, children's animation, animation, and fashion in the field The creative parts are successfully integrated so children can experience surprises and joys in their seemingly ordinary clothes. Jamie Bear aims to create a space to stimulate children's imagination and guide them to open the unknown fresh world, in the wonderful journey of exploration inspired children's infinite creativity. JMBEAR product design adhering to the European style, and for Chinese children's body characteristics and dress characteristics of the optimization and integration, designed for 0-15-year-old Chinese children wearing a series of products. Fabric selection in strict accordance with the European implementation of standards, the use of green, healthy and comfortable special materials, give full consideration to children's skin characteristics, to help Chinese children grow up healthily.


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