Record the birth of gold jewelry from raw materials to finished products

Everyone will not feel strange when it comes to gold jewelry, but it is said that they are produced and processed. I believe most people have never seen it. Recently, I visited a production and processing factory base of a dish of jewellery, and recorded the birth of a batch of handmade gold jewelry from raw materials to prototypes to finished products.

Gold jewelry

Before the production of jewelry, the factory design department must first take out the design drawings and manufacture the mold according to the drawings. This is the most important process that must be done and refined. After the mold is completed, it is passed to the next connection department according to the product category. If the mold is made of a chain structure (necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc.), it is transmitted to the preparation part, and if it is a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, a gold bar, etc., it is transmitted to the hydraulic part.

In the preparation department, the staff processes the prototype of the product according to the mold, that is, semi-finished products or accessories, including necklace accessories, small beads or olive beads. These semi-finished products are then transferred to the chain and each fitting of the necklace is joined to form a preliminary complete necklace.

The working content of the oil pressure department is the same as that of the material preparation department, and it is also the prototype of the processing and production products. With the prototype, it is sent to the mold department for shaping, so that the shape of the gold jewelry such as rings and bracelets is closer to the finished product.

Regardless of the structure of the jewelry, after the semi-finished product comes out, it will be sent to the car flower department. We saw the beautiful patterns on gold jewelry, which is the masterpiece of this department. Finally, the gold jewelry should be sent to the Ministry of Electricity for polishing and calendering, that is, to remove some impurities and dust on the surface of the gold jewelry, and further processing by professional techniques to achieve the best effect of a finished gold jewelry.

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