Po blue clothing with a dress or fur style

Po blue is a more elegant color, especially suitable for mature, capable women wearing, Po blue style can not only show the temperament, you can also be very stylish, today we introduce the Po blue with style, so that women are more aware of Bao blue, Dress, fur style with.

法拉鸣歌 - FALEMIG

Picture credit: Farah song women's 2013 autumn and winter series

Po blue dress, charming full, blue skinny profile chest micro-transparent design, more sexy, whether it is a single wear or winter primer, are absolutely live Oh live, the winter party are generally indoors, you can wear Fur style, to the indoor natural fur off, show the most dazzling sapphire blue dress.


Blue as the most popular color, how can your wardrobe less it! Eye-catching blue-blue retains the mystery of the blue, but Dan has a more fresh, sapphire blue fur style, with black dress style, the treasure blue fur pushed to the highest state of saturation, is like a beautiful art Product

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