Ke Mei May Mei Shaoguan Renhua December, Shenzhen Shajing two stores grand opening

In the eve of the advent of New Year's Day, women can be besmear Shaoguan Renhua shop, Shenzhen manhole shop opened. In this auspicious day of New Year's Day, lovely women have responded to such a beautiful holiday call, respectively, to the two stores where the station added a lot of festive atmosphere. To Shaoguan Renhua and Shenzhen manhole ladies to provide more choices, welcome New Year's Day and Spring Festival holidays to two stores to buy their own pleasing style Yi Yi.


Ke Mei 可媚12月份韶关仁化、深圳沙井两店盛大开业

Shaoguan Renhua shop

Address: Renhua County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, on the 1st floor of the new Nankang Shopping Center

Ke Mei 可媚12月份韶关仁化、深圳沙井两店盛大开业

Ke Mei 可媚12月份韶关仁化、深圳沙井两店盛大开业

Shenzhen manhole shop

Address: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, manhole Center Road and Innovation Road Interchange confrontation City Mall 2nd floor

Mei Mei into the modern fashion elements, through superb design and superb craftsmanship, and strive to express the style of the brand in a concise manner, reflecting the elegant, sophisticated and intellectual urban women on their own perfect pursuit of women's rich content and beauty The appearance of a combination of color and shape to fully show the temperament and self-cultivation, as well as the Chong Chong fashion trends.

Finally, I also congratulate Shaoguan Renhua shop here, Shenzhen manhole shop business is booming, extra cash to come.

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