New Year's Eve rice paddies children's clothing holiday dress how to match

2013 is over, the new 2014 is coming. The children, one year older, will be better off giving their children a new dress to welcome the new year when this new 2014 is coming. Paddy children's clothing selection New Year's Day with the festival. Chao tide tide mom, see it fast! Yantai paddy dress design planning under the limited liability company koy Co., Ltd. Korea under the brand Cherry prince & Daowa is a famous Korean children's wear brand, the company has from Seoul, South Korea, a team of professional designers using the latest technology in South Korea cotton fabrics to superb Workmanship, ahead of the Korean design styles in a short period of time has developed into a very large-scale design, development, production and sales as one of the company's products throughout the country and South Korea market, and South Korea with a number of trading companies to maintain long-term International trade relations, the company has 49 domestic franchise stores, the products are also exported to Europe and the United States and South Korea Japan and other regions, favored by domestic and foreign merchants, formed a relatively complete marketing network structure. Your joining is a successful choice, our continuous efforts is your guarantee of success! Recruitment is now joining the country, agents, zero initial fee, no margin! Website:

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