The kimberlite containing diamonds was first discovered in the Antarctic continent.

A kimberlite that often contains diamonds was first discovered on the Antarctic continent, indicating that this piece of ice and snow may be rich in minerals and even contains diamonds, although it is illegal to mine on the Antarctic continent.

Kimberly rock

Researchers say that real diamonds have not yet been discovered, but there is confidence that they do exist here.

Greg Yaxley, a professor and research team member at the National University of Canberra in Australia, said, "It would be surprising if there were no diamonds in these kimberlites."

It is reported that the Australian research team previously reported that the kimberlite deposit was discovered at the Meredith mountain peak in the Prince Charles Mountains in the eastern Antarctic. Kimberley rock is a very rare ore that can be used to excavate diamonds. Kimberly Rock was named after the diamond heat of the small town of Kimberley in South Africa in the late 19th century.

But this does not mean that the Antarctic will soon see the "diamond tide." The Antarctic is not only an extremely cold and remote place, but also has been banned from mining in 1991 for 15 years for the protection of scientific research and wildlife.

The demand for diamonds will exceed supply in the next few years, and the newcomers in many emerging countries are eager for Western-style gems. The discovery of the Kimberlite deposit also reveals the direction of drift on all continents. The East Antarctic, also known as the Gondwana continent, is considered to be the land connecting Africa and India, which is also rich in kimberlite.

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